Balcony Restoration

Repairing Balcony’s Since 1992

Balcony Repairs

Restorex Contracting Ltd. performs full balcony concrete slab replacement or localized Full Baclnoy Railing REplacementconcrete repairs, including slab edge repairs, slab topside, soffit and through-slab repairs. All exposed reinforcing steel is cleaned and coated with corrosion inhibitors or epoxy coatings or replaced where deterioration is too advanced. Formwork is erected and new pre-packaged or ready mix concrete is cast in place.

After concrete curing, a urethane pedestrian traffic coating waterproofing system (ie; BASF, Tremco) is installed to protect against water infiltration into the restored concrete slab. The exposed concrete surfaces (soffit, walls, etc.) can be painted to protect the concrete and improve the aesthetics.

Existing balcony guards can be repaired and painted or removed and replaced with a new modern glass and/or prefinished metal guard allowing the owner to select a modern design upgrade for the building.

Common Balcony Restoration Jobs

  1. Balcony Structural Repairs
    • Concrete, Steel, Masonry, Canopies, etc.
  2. Waterproofing
    • Urethane Thin Systems – Approved Tremco & BASF applicators
  3. Elastomeric Wall Coatings & Penetrating Sealers
    • Durex, Enviroseal, etc.
  4. Balcony Guard Restoration & Replacement
    • Glass, Aluminum, Steel, etc.