Concrete restoration

Repairing Concrete Since 1992

Concrete Restoration

Restorex Contracting Ltd. performs concrete repairs to a full Slab-removal range of structures and surfaces. Concrete deterioration resulting from poor construction, external damage and exposure to water or other environmental conditions can impact the condition of the concrete and reinforcing steel and can lead to structural failures.

Repairs are typically completed by removing the deteriorated concrete, cleaning and inspecting the exposed surfaces and reinforcing steel, coating the reinforcing steel with corrosion inhibitors or epoxy coatings (or replacement of the reinforcing steel where deterioration is too advanced), formwork and placement of new pre-packaged or ready mix concrete.

Concrete repairs may be required on all structural and non-structural building components, including parking garage suspended slabs, slab-on-grade, parking garage ramps, shear walls, columns, beams, floor slabs, balcony slabs, loading docks, garbage pads, entrance ways, sidewalks and curbs, etc.

Common Concrete Repair Jobs

  • Parking Garage Restoration
  • Balcony Restoration
  • Concrete Curbs and Sidewalks
  • Stair Repairs / Replacement
  • Garbage Pad Repairs / Replacement