Parking Garage Restoration

Repairing Parking Garages Since 1992

Parking Garage Restoration

Restorex Contracting Ltd. performs all scales of parking garage restoration 510 Admiral St (10)from full concrete slab replacement including new reinforcing steel, to localized concrete repairs at slab topside, soffit and through-slab areas, walls, columns, beams, etc.

Rubberized asphalt waterproofing systems with asphalt or mastic traffic bearing surfaces, or thin urethane traffic coating systems are typically applied over all suspended slabs to provide protection for the new and existing concrete structure. Expansion joint replacement with engineered gland joint systems or looped butyl joints, and epoxy crack injection at leaking foundation wall or roof slab cracks ensure all water ingress conditions can be addressed.

Garage deck overburden and landscaping can be reinstated over the newly replaced or repaired deck structure and waterproofing systems. Drainage layers, overburden fill and landscaping surfaces are reinstated where they were removed to facilitate the restoration process. Original or new designs can be accommodated and include all soft and hard landscaping surfaces.

Mechanical and electrical components within and above the garage structure can be removed and reinstated to facilitate the restoration process. Drains, piping, sprinkler systems, lighting refurbishments and upgrades, sump pits and catch basins, and weeping tile systems are all completed in concert with the primary structural repairs.

Upon completion of the restoration process, the garage is power washed and painted in accordance with current municipal standards.

Common Parking Garage Jobs

  1. Full & Partial Concrete Slab Replacement
    • Percussion (Jack Hammers), Hydro-Demolition, Saw-Cutting, Crushing
  2. Localized Concrete Repairs
    • Topside, Soffit, Through Slab, Beams, Columns, Drop Panels, etc.
  3. Ramp Remediation and Heating System Replacement
    • Asphalt, Mastic and Concrete traffic surfaces
    • Rubberized Asphalt waterproofing
    • Glycol and Electric heating systems
  4. Waterproofing
    • Rubberized Asphalt and Urethane Thin Systems – Approved Tremco & BASF applicators
  5. Expansion Joints
    • WaboCrete Gland Joints, Looped Butyl Joints, Compression Joints, etc.
  6. Mechanical (plumbing, sprinklers, etc.) & Electrical (lighting, etc.) Reinstatement
  7. Garage Deck Repairs / Replacement
    • Waterproofing, Overburden & Landscaping Solutions
    • Drainage Systems (Weeping Tile, Catch Basins, Drains, etc.)
    • Asphalt Paving, Concrete Curbs & Sidewalks, Patterned Concrete, etc.
    • Interlocking, Patio Stones, Flagstone, Granite, etc.
    • Lagging & Retaining Walls (Stone, Precast and Poured)
    • Railings, Guards & Fence Repairs / Replacement
    • Light Posts & Bases
    • Front Entrance Repairs and Renewal
  8. Miscellaneous
    • Foundation Wall and Concrete Masonry Wall Repairs
    • Crack Injection (Urethane, Acrylic, etc.)
    • Painting