Waterproofing & Traffic Toppings

Waterproofing Contractors since 1992

Waterproofing & Traffic Coatings

Restorex Contracting Ltd. performs waterproofing of balcony and parking structure suspended slabs and foundations.

Rubberized asphalt waterproofing systems with asphalt or mastic traffic bearing surfaces, or thin urethane traffic coating systems are typically applied over all suspended slabs to provide protection for the new and existing concrete structure.

Expansion joint replacement with engineered gland joint systems or looped butyl joints, and epoxy crack injection at leaking foundation wall or slab soffit cracks ensure all water ingress conditions can be addressed.

Chemical injection of leaking cracks (flexible or epoxy based resins) and other blind-side waterproofing techniques are utilized when access to the exterior side of the existing foundation walls is not possible. Often when foundation wall deterioration is present, the installation of a new structural foundation wall over the existing with a new waterproofing and drainage system between provides a significant upgrade solution to both structural and waterproofing problems.

Common Waterproofing Jobs

  1. Rubberized Asphalt Waterproofing
    • Hot-Applied, Cold Applied
    • Garage Roof Decks, Foundations, Ramps, etc.
  2. Mastic Asphalt Traffic Coating System
  3. Urethane Thin Systems
    • Approved Tremco & BASF applicators
  4. Elastomeric Wall Coatings & Penetrating Sealers
    • Durex, Enviroseal, etc.