As a member of the Board of Directors of WCC 250, I would like to express my appreciation on behalf of the Condominium Board for the excellent work performed by Restorex , where they replaced our heated garage ramp.

The employees were always timely to the job site, extremely pleasant and committed to the work. The worksite, despite the breadth of the task was always kept clean and safe.

Lynn Hayden, Wentworth CC 250

Your CREW has done a Great job.

They have been, courteous and safety conscious towards our members/residents, in all respects throughout the construction.

We will invite, Restorex contracting LTD. to bid on our future projects

Stacy Barnes - 380 Milner ave

What a great Christmas gift!!!! Best one yet! Thank you for work well done.

Merry Christmas.


Diane N - 1000 Cedarglen Gate

Great job team!

Thank you to you Diane and all the residents for their patience. I am thrilled that we were able to get everyone back in the garage before the holidays as promised - even with more concrete repair work.

Thank you, Restorex!

Jason Truman - Edison Engineers

Fernando has given positive feedback regarding how well the garage work has gone to date. He is particularly impressed with how clean the garage is kept at the end of the day. Keep up the good work!!!

Steve Krysa - Pretium Anderson - 2869 Battleford

Excellent work.

Thanks Stefan and team!


Nadia Yen - Real Star - Kaneff Vestibule Renovations

To date Morguard has been truly pleased with Restorex and Pretium Anderson with regards to the project at Battleford. Therefore we would be happy to have Restorex start the project at Dundas on ASAP

Thomas Meisner - Morguard

Thanks for helping make this a successful project. It was really great to work with you on this.

Caleb Teeple - Pretium Anderson

Great work on this project. Looks very good.


David Petrina

Excellent work on this project again, Stefan. Thanks for taking care of this final item.

Caleb Teeple

Your guys are at Markham and they have gone over and above!!!! I cannot thank you enough, I owe them lunch!

Pam de Burgh

You guys have don’t a great job in the last couple of weeks despite weather. Kevin

Kevin Thompson

If I haven’t told all of you enough, the garage looks beautiful. You have done a wonderful job and it has been such a pleasure working with you throughout. It was a job that I dreaded and you (especially you Hugo) made it so much more smoother than it could have been. I’m sure that you can’t wait to get out of here but I will actually miss all of you.

I hope that we get to work together again soon on other projects at the Classic. Heaven knows that there are enough of them in the future.

Debbie Rosenberg

I wanted to pass along that over the past 24 hours we have received 3 compliments from Residents in Bay Terrace II on the hard work and dedication that the Contractor is completing on the garage.

Not hard to see that you guys are pouring your heart and soul into this and working long hours.

We always want to pass along positive vibes and congratulate you, it is just not us that is noticing.

Thank you all it is a great pleasure working with you.

Bay Terrace II

Thank you, Stefan.
Your guys are doing a good job!

Olga, 120 Promenade Management

Hi Darrell, Floor looks great, employees are happy with the results

Alston, Konstant