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Ask anything

Our most frequently asked questions are listed here. Feel free to contact us directly info@restorex.ca or call us directly at +1 (905) 669-2835 to get any other questions answered.

What is our benefit to retaining Restorex?

In short a quality product that is performed by skilled trades and certified by experienced building professionals. What differentiates us is our customer-centric service to help streamline and simplify the project.

What type of contractor are you?

Restorex is a general contractor specializing in the restoration and the upgrading of buildings. We have you covered from building foundations and underground garages, up through the building envelope and its roof.

What types of projects do you specialize in?

Restoring and upgrading components on the exterior of your building are our specialty. This includes your building envelope, foundation, garage, roof and surrounding site. If you are familiar with the MasterFormat Divisions our core competencies lay within divisions 01-09 and 31-32. Regardless of our specialty, we do have the ability and experience to sub-contract trades and professionals outside of our wheel-house like interior renovations, mechanical, electrical, life safety to assist us in various projects.

Can you execute both large and small projects?

Long-term partnerships and relationships are our thing. On that basis we provide the best value on larger, scalable projects; but can execute smaller projects in an effort to maintain those long-term partnerships we crave. In general we execute projects as low as $5K to projects in excess of +$10M.

Do we need an engineer, architect or other design professional to complete our project?

Depends on whether a building permit is required. A building permit is necessary when you intend to construct, renovate, demolish or change the use of a building; which in our field is more often than not. Engineers, architects and design professionals provide good value to most projects and so we would encourage their use. If you are without a design professional we can provide a referral or offer you a turn-key service.

What areas do you service and can you help us outside of Ontario?

Our core service area is southern Ontario. More specifically in the area from Windsor to Ottawa in the west-east direction and from Sudbury to the US Border in the north-south direction. We do have the capability, as we’ve done in the past, to execute the right project for the right client anywhere in Canada, and into parts of the US in most cases. Call us to discuss the specifics of your project.

How much work can you take on before your finances are strained?

The construction industry is notorious for fly-by-night contractors that over extend themselves and fall short on their promises. Restorex is not one of them.  Our longevity is owed to our ability to deliver on our promises, manage finances responsibly and deliver exceptional projects. It’s not by accident that Restorex has been around since the early 90s and servicing many of our original clients.

What types of clients do you prefer?

We have always preferred long-term partnerships. Given the size of the projects we commonly execute we generally gravitate toward engineers and architects, property and asset managers, and real estate Owners.

Can you help us make our building more “GREEN” or help us with “ESG”?

Yes we can help with your Environmental, Social and Governance goals and initiatives. Most projects we undertake will naturally achieve these objectives anyway, and we can demonstrate how these and other capital improvements can be leveraged to improve building energy performance, user function, waste management and other environmental considerations. There are a number of ways we can help you achieve your corporate or personal GREEN and ESG initiatives. Aside from the projects we execute, ESG and its intent plays a part in Restorex’s business operation.

How important is safety on your job sites?

Paramount. There is absolutely nothing more important. Restorex continually invests in safety training for its employees and sub-contractors, requires certifications, publishes corporate policies and procedures, undertakes periodic third party safety audits and performs managerial over-sight on project work.