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Envelope, Balcony + Window

7110, 7170, 7230 & 780 Darcel Ave., Mississauga


  • Project Value: +$12,000,000
  • Consultant: Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd.
  • Client: Starlight Investments
  • Restorex Value Added: The envelope, balcony, and terrace renewals brought significant added value to the property. The siding and coating of the envelope created a cohesive appearance, while concrete repairs, waterproofing, and new rails enhanced the balconies. Additionally, new waterproofing, siding, and rails were installed on the terraces. This comprehensive renewal project was recognized with a MAC Award at the FRPO Gala in December 2023 for “Best Curb Appeal.” Restorex managed a large team to execute such a complex project, all while prioritizing the needs of the occupied building and its tenants.

320 & 340 Sugarcreek Trail, London

  • Project Value: +$2,700,000
  • Consultant: EXP Services Inc.
  • Client: Middlesex Condo Corp. 766
  • Restorex Value Added: The cladding replacement project, overseen by Restorex, addressed widespread leakage issues with the existing EIFS cladding system. Despite its relative newness, the EIFS system proved ineffective, prompting Restorex to replace it entirely with Hardie Board. With the project now substantially complete, Restorex’s value lies in their expertise in assembling a more intricate building envelope system to mitigate the leaks that persisted from the building’s original construction.

26 Lorne Ave., New Market

  • Project Value: +$3,000,000
  • Consultant: Sigmund, Soudack & Associates
  • Client: Realstar Management Partnership

Site + Civil

University of Toronto Tunnels

  • Project Value: +$4,000,000
  • Consultant: Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd.
  • Client: University of Toronto

University of Guelph Tunnels

  • Project Value: +$800,000
  • Consultant: WalterFedy Inc.
  • Client: University of Guelph

Foundation + Garage

2737 & 2757 Kipling Ave., Toronto

  • Project Value: +$15,000,000
  • Consultant: Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd.
  • Client: Starlight Investments
  • Restorex Value Added: The garage restoration and renewal project encompasses a comprehensive overhaul of the underground garage. This includes replacing interior suspended slabs, conducting local repairs to the roof deck, replacing ramp toppings and heating cables, and installing new waterproofing throughout the garage and roof deck. Our expertise shines in our ability to effectively execute and coordinate large-scale structural projects while buildings and garages remain occupied. Our proficiency in carrying out full and comprehensive structural slab replacements ensures compliance with modern building codes, particularly for a structure built in the 1970s. The longevity of the structural replacements, projected to last another 50 years, underscores Restorex’s commitment to delivering enduring solutions. Although the project is nearing completion, it remains active as final touches are applied.