Building Envelope Restoration

Repairing Building Envelopes Since 1992

Building Envelope Repair

Restorex Contracting Ltd. performs building envelope repairs to address structural or Masonry Repairssafety issues and protect against moisture infiltration causing premature deterioration of the building envelope components or affecting the interior environment.

Cladding systems include precast concrete, masonry, EIFS, siding and window systems. Typical repairs include masonry shelf angle repairs or replacement, through-wall flashing installation, brick replacement, mortar joint repointing, retrofit brick ties and control joint installation, and application of penetrating sealer over masonry and concrete wall surfaces. Sealant repairs or replacement at cladding system joints, as well as at window perimeter and glazing joints, maintains the integrity of the building envelope.

Common Building Envelope Jobs

  1. Masonry Repairs
    • Walls, Parapets, Chimneys, Balustrades, etc.
  2. Sealants, Caulking, Glazing, etc.
  3. Windows, Doors, Vents, etc.
  4. Elastomeric Wall Coatings & Penetrating Sealers
    • Durex, Enviroseal, etc.
  5. Precast Concrete Panel Repairs
  6. EIFS, Stucco, Metal Siding & Panelized Systems, etc